Environment Conservation Journal adheres to a single-blind peer-review process that is fast, fair and ensures a high quality of articles published. In first Stage Journal’s editor will evaluate the manuscripts for their content, objective of the study and its importance if manuscripts fall under scope of Environment Conservation Journal it is forwarded to Reviewers. Finally the Reviewers should express their views clearly with supporting arguments. Maintaining ENVIRONMENT CONSERVATION JOURNAL as a high quality scientific journal manuscripts will be sent to reviewers with a high level of expertise for helpful comments on submitted manuscript.

Before Reviewing

  1. Reviewer should check that manuscript assigned to him/her matches your expertise.
  2. If it does not match your expertise immediately inform the Editor, you may also recommend alternate reviewer.
  3. Do you have time to review the manuscript, comments should be submitted within 4 to 6 weeks.

Responsibilities of Reviewers

Please consider the following points/steps while reviewing the manuscript:

  1. Reviewers should check structure of the article submitted and its relevance to author’s guidelines.
  2. Reviewers is responsible for critical reading and evaluating the manuscript and their after provide constructive and honest feedback to authors.
  3. Reviewers should recommend strength and weakness of the manuscript.
  4. Reviewers should check the originality, scientific content and novelty of the work.
  5. In any case reviewers should not communicate directly with authors.
  6. Manuscript sent for review purpose should be kept confidential and any content of the manuscript should not be discussed with anyone except Editor of the Journal.

After Reviewing

Please send the complete detailed report of the manuscript in word format when writing comments, please indicate the section of comments, page number line number i and the section of comments that can be returned to the author(s). Please never hesitate to contact the editorial office with any questions or concerns regarding the submitted manuscript. Your recommendation regarding the manuscript will be strongly considered when the editors make the final decision, and your thorough, honest feedback will be much appreciated. Reviewers can submit their report online by visiting our website i.e. under reviewer’s zone.

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