Formerly known as "Yug Chetna" was established in the year 1986 as an unregistered Voluntary Organisation. The Action is engaged in creating mass awareness to accomplish sustainable and efficacious development, main theme of the society, delight in the society appellation. In the past, our active members have organised several awareness programmes in different parts of the Garhwal Himalaya and actively participated in various sustaining programmes like earthquake rehabilitation. The awareness programmes comprehends Famous Chipko Movement, Save the Ganga, Conservation of water and other precious natural resources, Educational programmes for self reliance in rural men & women, Environmental education, various other life saving activities, etc. Our style for creating awareness is quite different from others, we always try to involve people from the society to an extent that they will solve their problems with their own which will help them in future, and no longer they will remain dependent and unfit. Apart from the awareness, Society is committed to provide Technical Knowledge and Research based solution to the local problems related to Economy, Environment, Development and self employment. For this, Society is recommending to set an Educational Institute of its own under its guidance. The work on this proposal is in progress.

The society is registered under the Societies Registration Act No. 21 of 1860 at Dehradun (U.P., India). Registration No. is 447 (1995-1996)



    Garhwal Himalaya situated in the hills of Uttar Pradesh (India). The region is varying in its climate from very cold to hot. The region is undergoing rapid unscrupulous development, main inspiration behind is the development of tourism industry, a major source of economy. Due to this blind folded pace of development region is facing several problems related to environmental degradation, land sliding, land slipping, falling of natural resources and extinction of wild animals & plants which are of medicinal value. Therefore, this society come in to existence to provide best suitable solution for the problems of this region.


  1. To create mass awareness in the people of this region for ensuring environment friendly development.
  2. To provide technical knowledge for developing self-reliance in the rural men and women.
  3. To undertake in-depth Research and Development programmes for providing easy and firm solution to the local problems.
  4. To demonstrate suitable technology/ package/ methods for ensuring sustainable development, good health and safety.
  • In addition we are committed to render appropriate assistance at all the times

    Action for Sustainable Efficacious Development and Awareness is a Team of highly dedicated and ethically sound members who are highly qualified and specialized in their field of knowledge. The society is fulfilling its multidimensional thinking by having Members/Volunteers from all the fields i.e. Environment, Economics, Law, Commerce, Animal Sciences(Zoology), Plant Sciences, Hindi, Computers and House hold Ladies having experience in the field of weaving, Stitching, Pickle making and other related jobs which cam be applied for self employment. A brief resume of our qualified and dedicated members is enclosed as under.

    Annual conference

    For providing a platform to exchange the ideas and studies ASEA organizes annual conference. It is ASEA’s major meeting for its members. The conference consists of session covering all topics (specific and general) of environmental studies and pollution control.

    Regional workshops

    Time to time ASEA organizes regional workshops to provide information and knowledge to the local people for conserving their precious environment.

    Annual conference

    For providing a platform to exchange the ideas and studies ASEA organizes annual conference. It is ASEA’s major meeting for its members. The conference consists of session covering all topics (specific and general) of environmental studies and pollution control.

    Environment Awareness Camps

    With the aim to spread the environment awareness amongst the general public ASEA organizes Environmental Awareness Camps in the vicinity of its Head Quarter. These awareness camps are key factors in spreading the awareness about Environment Pollution/ Preservation and Social Development. For this purpose the Society is receiving Grants from Governmental and Non Governmental Organizations.


    The Society had achieved moral satisfaction in the past by doing several successful programmes at various levels. One of the associated Organisation is running a Dispensary at Phool Chatti Ashram, District Pauri (Himalaya), Our Volunteers are working for this Dispensary and helping the residents to fight with the diseases. Our active members have also studied the problem of water pollution in this region.

    Experience in Eco-development Camps

    Our Society and Members are quite experienced in organising such camps and activities.

    Title of the camps - Youth for Eco-development, Afforestation

    Experience in Activities which are Related to Environment Improvement

    Members have adequate experience in organising such programmes. In the past our Society and Members have organised several camping and cultural programmes for improving the environmental quality. The topics covered by our members are as underachieve

    1. Cleaning and construction of roads & drainage system in rural areas.
    2. Youth VS dirt and diseases.
    3. Spraying of pesticides like DDT for malaria eradication in rural areas.
    4. Vaccinitation programme in rural areas on large scale

    Experience in Social Development Activities

    Convener and our other Members have adequate experience in organizing several other social development activities. Few of the past experiences are as under

    1. Eradication of untouchability
    2. Adult education
    3. Convener has organized UGC sponsored extension programme on the Rural Industrialization.
    4. Family Planning by educating peoples living in Rural areas and Urban Slum Clusters
    5. Education for AIDS prevention through cultural programmes, radio talks and distribution of condoms, posters etc.



    ASEA’s prime means of spreading informations are its wide range of publications, conferences, workshops.

    Environment Conservation Journal

    Publishes high quality refereed research papers on all aspects of environment studies and pollution control from any field - science, engineering. Currently Prof. D.R. Khanna is Editor-in-chief of Environment Conservation Journal.

    ASEA yearbook

    Provides full details of its activities and members. Contains complete listing of members.

    Special Publications

    Time to time special publications will be published to provide another means of exchanging informations. ASEA will consider publication of high quality Books (Authored or Edited) from its members who are not finding the suitable publisher. This can provide a wide publicity to their work.


    Conferences, seminars and workshops are the chief means for exchanging studies, innovations and several other informations.

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