Conservation Journal

"An International Journal Devoted to Conservation of Environment"


ISSN: 2278-5124 (Online) :: ISSN: 0972-3099 (Print) ::

Enlisted in Clarivate Analytics (Formerly Thomson Reuters) Master Journal List

Enlisted in Index Copernicus Journal Master list

Conservation Journal

"An International Journal Devoted to Conservation of Environment"


ISSN: 2278-5124 (Online) :: ISSN: 0972-3099 (Print) ::

Enlisted in Clarivate Analytics (Formerly Thomson Reuters) Master Journal List

Enlisted in Index Copernicus Journal Master list

Conservation Journal

"An International Journal Devoted to Conservation of Environment"


ISSN: 2278-5124 (Online) :: ISSN: 0972-3099 (Print) ::

Enlisted in Clarivate Analytics (Formerly Thomson Reuters) Master Journal List

Enlisted in Index Copernicus Journal Master list

Conservation Journal

"An International Journal Devoted to Conservation of Environment"


ISSN: 2278-5124 (Online) :: ISSN: 0972-3099 (Print) ::

Enlisted in Clarivate Analytics (Formerly Thomson Reuters) Master Journal List

Enlisted in Index Copernicus Journal Master list

Conservation Journal

"An International Journal Devoted to Conservation of Environment"


ISSN: 2278-5124 (Online) :: ISSN: 0972-3099 (Print) ::

Enlisted in Clarivate Analytics (Formerly Thomson Reuters) Master Journal List

Enlisted in Index Copernicus Journal Master list

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  • Issue 1 & 2

Urban climatology in Brazil: An analysis based on the methodology of the urban climate system

Lima G. N. and Lombardo M.

Preliminary Study on Geospatial Techniques to assess and enhance water Quality of Uttarakhand, India

Uniyal D. P., Aswal J. S., Bari K. S., Pokhriyal A., Dobhal R., Kaushik P. K., Sinha V., Singh P. and Chander V.

Treatment of industrial waste water using Water hyacinth (Eichornia crassipus) and Duckweed (Lemna minor): A Comparative study

Bhutiani R., Rai N., Bajpai N., Rausa M. and Ahamad F.

Efficacy of fungal biodeterioration on stone monuments

Sathya S.

Records of predators of the green apple aphid, Aphis pomi De Geer, from Himachal Pradesh

Kumari M.

Optimization of various physiochemical parameters to enhance production of secondary metabolite from soil actinomycetes against dermatophytes

Jadon P., Dwivedi A., Singh C. and Kumar A.

Assessment of suitability of ground water quality in and around Laksar, Haridwar, Uttarakhand on the basis Water Quality Index (WQI)

Bhutiani R., Ram K. and Ahamad F.

Role of viddha-agnikarma in chronic plantar fasciitis- A Case Study

Yadav P. and Shukla D.

Spatial analysis of ground water level and fluctuation at regional level in North-East of Haryana: Reference to Karnal District, India

Kumar S., Singh A. and Kaur N.

Life form and biological spectrum of Indus Valley in Lower Ladakh region, J&K

Hamid A. and Raina A. K.

Spiders of Katepurna sanctuary from the family Salticidae (Blackwall, 1841)

Shirbhate Milind V. and Shirbhate Amrita M.

Effect of enzymatic treatment on wool fabric

Pooja, Sharma E. and Fatima N.

Optimization of harvesting stages for higher yield of Ocimum spp. in North Indian Plains

Gupta M.

Localization of Cadmium metal ion in Lemna polyrhiza L. using SEM morphology and EDX analysis

Unadkat K. and Parikh P.

Rainfall probability analysis for conservation of water resources for sustainable irrigation planning

Sethi R. R., Mandal K. G., Behera A., Sarangi A., Aggarwal R. and Ambast S. K.

Water quality monitoring of three Lentic water bodies of Ujjain District (M.P.) India

Jatwa P., Shrivastava S., Bhasin S. and Shukla A. N.

A review article on surgical concepts of Acharya Sushruta

Singh M., Sharma S., Sharma S. and Sharma R.

Impact of household air pollution exposure on rural India: A systemic review

Singh S. and Dixit P.

Study of Aragvadha (Cassia Fistula Linn.) with special reference to phyto-pharmacological properties: An overview

Chauhan P., Tiwari R. C., Bhutiani R. and Ahamad F.

Size–group related variation in the feeding behaviour of an ornamental fish, Puntius conchonius from Mandal river system in Central Himalaya region of Garhwal, India

Bahuguna P. and Baluni P.

Phytoremediation efficiency of water hyacinth (E. crassipes), canna (C. indica) and duckweed (L. minor) plants in treatment of sewage water

Bhutiani R., Rai N., Sharma P. K., Rausa K. and Ahamad F.

Adaptive skill of Schizothorax sp. of river Alaknanda under pressure of urbanization and anthropogenic activities in Garhwal Himalaya

Thapliyal M., Bahuguna S. N. and Thapliyal A.

  • Issue 1 & 2
  • Issue 3

Thiodan stress on brain neurosecretory cells of the earthworm Eudichogaster kinneari: A Histological profile

Lakhani Leena

Impact of pollution on human health: A mini review article

Lakhani Leena

Soil quality and extent of soil-plant transfer of trace metals in areas adjoining the Benin-Ethiope fluvial system in the vicinity of Sapele, Nigeria

Samuel Omorovie Akporido, Onoriode Onos Emoyan and Ayo R. Ipeaiyeda

The effect of application using nitragin and nitroxin biofertilizers on reduce the use of nitrogen chemical fertilizer in sunflower cultivation (Helianthus annuus L.)

Ahmad Gharali and Ali Nasrollahzadeh Asl

Description of copulatory complex of Metrocoris nepalensis

Singh Jagvir and Khandelwal V.K.

Water quality changes and winter mortality of major carps (Cyprinus carpio communis and Cyprinus carpio specularis) in Mansar Lake (a Ramsar Site), Jammu, J&K, India

Sheikh Assadullah and Slathia Deepika

Bioactivity of Alcaligenes spp. isolated from cow dung against certain human pathogens

Gupta Kartikey Kumar and Rana Deepanshu

Measurement of carbon dioxide and detailed emission inventory preparation from different sources over Madurai, India

Venkitasamy Seshapriya, Bhaskar B. Vijay and Muthuchelian K

Qualitative and quantitative analysis of phytoplankton in Ramala Lake

Kulkarni Rajlaxmi R. and Zade S.B.

Role of Shatyadi yoga in the management of Tamak shwasa (Bronchial Asthma)

Jain Nidhi and Goyal Dinesh Kumar

Effect of Sulphur-di-oxide fumigation on Cicer arietinum L.

Sharma Madhu

Morphological and histological studies on the reproductive system of Puntius sarana sarana (Hamilton, 1822) (Cyprinidae)

Rather Mansoor Ahmad, Nagappa Basavaraja and Gull Romisa

Effect of different photoperiods on the longevity of male and female Moth of Eri silkworm (Philosamia ricini) L. (Saturniidae: Lepidoptera)

Yadav Ulka and Jadhav Neeta

Chromium pollution assessment of water in the Hindon River, India: Impact of industrial effluents

Singh Deepti and Sharma N. L

General and reproductive behaviour of Indian domestic pigeon (Columba livia) in relation to haematology

Thakur G.K. and Ranjan Saurabh

Environmental Consciousness and Its Effect on Public Health

Kumar Shiv and Dagar RKS

Activity of drugs against bacteria, fungi and viruses

Sharma Punita and Qurratul Ain

A study of the physical parameters of different water sources, among major four districts of Punjab

Singh Randeep, Singh Amandeep, Mahajan Jyoti, Singh Amrinder, Singh Harinderjit and Mahajan Kapila

Green building: Energy efficient and environment friendly building

Komal, Yadav Garima, Mehta Manju and Singh Kiran

Functional metagenomics and microbial community structure analysis of Indian hot springs

Rawat N., Kumari P. and Joshi G.K.

Description of two new species of Friona Cameron, 1902 from India

Chandra Satish and Khandelwal V.K.

Effect of soil temperature and moisture on population dynamics of phytonematodes infesting sugarcane

Sharma Savita and Resha

Madhuca indica J.F Gmel. (Mahua) candidate tree selection based on the perception of tribal community and scientific validation

Nimbalkar S. D., Chavan L.N., Agale S.J. and Kauthale V. K.

A review on conjoint application of organic and chemical fertilizers on soil health and productivity of rice-wheat cropping system

Kumar Maneesh , Rai A.K., Singh Preeti and Singh Nitesh Kumar

Phytochemical screening and total phenolic content in the extract of bryophyte Plagiochasma appendiculatum and Dicranum scoparium

Bhadauriya Gaurav, Rathore Kajal S. and Singh Shivom

Role of adequate water intake in purification of body

Rani Jyoti, Sharma Uttam Kumar and Sharma D.N.

Carcinogenic effects of plastic particulates in the air, water and food articles: A brief review article

Pandey Jayshree , Singh O.P., Sujatha N., Shukla Shweta, and Negi Sakshi

Evaluation of water quality of River Malin using water quality index (WQI) at Najibabad, Bijnor (UP) India

Bhutiani R., Ahamad Faheem, Tyagi Varun and Ram Khushi

Application of remote sensing and geographical information system for tourism planning and impact assessment of Nainital town, Uttarakhand

Singh Kanchan

Hazards of some skin disease due to environment: A brief review

Negi Sakshi, Singh O.P., Sujatha N. and Pandey Jayshree.,

Physiological and biochemical responses of harvested rambutan (Nephelium lappaceum L.) fruits to postharvest dip treatments during storage

Shetty Manjunath J., Geethalekshmi P. R. and Mini C.

Postharvest quality of Rambutan (Nephelium lappaceum L.) associated with packaging and storage conditionsV

Manjunath J. Shetty, P.R. Geethalekshmy, Vijayaraghava kumar, C. Mini, and R. Beena

Ion chromatography of major anions in the Neeru stream, Bhaderwah, J&K, India

R. K. Gandhi, N. Sharma and A. K. Raina

Effect of Siddharthakadi Agada in the Management of Malaria (Jwara)

Gyanendra D. Shukla, R. Versodiya Rimpal, Anup B. Thakar and Kshiteeja Choudhary

Hydro-biological assessment of Tumaria reservoir, Kashipur (Udham Singh Nagar)

Pramod Kumar and Radhe Shyam

Combined impact of sewage and industrial effluent on Rice (Oryza sativa) in Marh Block, Jammu (J&K)

Deepika Sharma and Raj Kumar Rampal

Assessment of water quality of River Ganga at Haridwar with reference to Water Quality Index

Mukesh Ruhela, Paritosh Kumar, Varun Tyagi, Faheem Ahamad and Khushi Ram

Present scenario in respect of House-Sparrows’ depleting trends and conservation efforts in and around Kurukshetra, Haryana, India

Tirshem Kumar Kaushik and Rohtash Chand Gupta

Assessment of indoor SPM in households of sub-urban areas of District Jammu (J&K)

Sonika Choudhary and Raj Kumar Rampal

Role of Adhatoda vasaca in management of respiratory disorders

Jyoti Rani, Shikha Pandey, Vinod Bihari Kumavat and Uttam Kumar Sharma

Seasonal variation of cestode parasite Raillietina in an edible bird Gallus domesticus (L.)

Sunil D. Patil and Ankita V.Bhamare

Relationship between grain size distribution and intertidal faunal abundance in selected stations of Someshwara, Panambur and Bengre beaches

Narshivudu Daggula, M.T. Lakshmipathi, Padmanaba, Reddynaik Vadithe, Suresh Kummari, Bhaskar Bhukya and Lingesh

Role of Pathya Apathya in management of Pandu vis a vis iron deficiency Anemia

Ritu Gothwal and Dinesh Kumar Goyal

Time temperature indicators for monitoring environment parameters during transport and storage of perishables: A Review

Manjunath J. Shetty

Challenges of natural resources management in India: Is it institutional Failure?

Kailas C. Thaware

Role of Panchakarma and Yoga in treatment of obesity

Rashmi Joshi, Bhanupriya Kaushik, Shikha Pandey and Uttam Kumar Sharma

Assessment of ground water quality of Laksar block in district Haridwar, Uttarakhand

R. Bhutiani, Khushi Ram, Varun Tyagi, Faheem Ahamad and Pankaj Kaushik

Impact of combined effluents on growth and yield of wheat crop in Samba (J&K)

Harmanmeet Kaur and Raj Kumar Rampal

Report on reptile mortality due to vehicular traffic on Indo-Myanmar border at Champhai district of Mizoram, North East India

Daya Nand Harit

Preliminary study on inhibitory activity of Enterobacter sp. strain KD111 isolated from the Cow feces

Kartikey Kumar Gupta and Deepanshu Rana

Role of Panchakarma and Yoga in the treatment of Osteoarthiritis

Bhanu Priya Kaushik, Rashmi Joshi, Supriya, Mayank Bhatkoti and Uttam Kumar Sharma

Physico chemical characteristics of soil under pine, mixed pine and broad leaved vegetation of Surinsar forest, J&K

Navita Sharma and A. K. Raina

Pain Management in Gout through Leech therapy – A Case Study

Priti Yadav, Devesh Shukla and Rajeev Kumar

Screening of an ethnomedicinal plant Erythrina indica Lam. for their antimicrobial, antioxidant and phytochemical properties against ear pathogens

Aparna Kaushal, Navneet and Sanjay Kumar

Impact of textile wastewater on germination and growth of Pisum sativum L.

Mehak Gupta

Palarographic studies of Pd (II), Pt (II) and Co (III) complexes of Polyaza Ligand

Sharma Punita and Ain Qurratul

  • Issue 1 & 2
  • Issue 3

Photoperiodic regulation of reproduction in birds

Ila Mishra

Community structure of different medicinal plant species in the eastern part of Rajajji national park.

Ritu Vishnoi Singhal, Govind Singh Rajwar and Meenakshi Walia

Soil quality and extent of soil-plant transfer of trace metals in areas adjoining the Benin-Ethiope fluvial system in the vicinity of Sapele, Nigeria

Kusum Dobriyal and J K Godiyal

Evaluation of gonadal indices to understand the reproductive rhythm of Macrobrachium assamense peninsulare from Rawasan stream, Uttarakhand, India

Koshal Kumar , C.B. Kotnala and Anita Rawat Rana

Variation among Iranian alfalfa genotypes for absolute growth rates and salt stress tolerance indices

Ahmad Ali Shoushi Dezfuli, Shahram Mohammadi Dehcheshmeh,Fariba Rafiei and Behrouz Shiran

Water quality modelling of the River Ganga using artificial neural network with reference to the various training functions

Anil Kumar Bisht , Ravendra Singh, R. Bhutiani, Ashutosh Bhatt and Krishan Kumar

A review on antimicrobial and phytochemical screening of traditionally used Himalayan medicinal plants

Prashant Arya and J.P. Mehta

Avifaunal diversity of Kalibhit forest district Khandwa

Vivek Keshre and Sheela Shrivastava

Estimation of micronutrients contamination in mango leaves sample surrounding different industrial area of Gujarat, Western India

Ketan F. Satashiya, K.G. Patel and A.M. Patel

Water: The elixir of life in Ayurveda

Ruby Rani Agarwal , Dinesh Kumar Goyal

Fluoride accumulation by crops grown in parts of Nalgonda District, Telangana State, India

Vijaya D. Lakshmi , Jeevan K. Rao, T. Ramprakash and A.P.K. Reddy

Community structure of the herbaceous vegetation in some tourist spots of Doon valley (Uttarakhand), India

Sonali Mamgain, Asha Dobhal, Pramod Kumar and S.P. Joshi

Efficiency assessment of effluent treatment plant (ETP) treating an automobile industry effluent (Sidcul) Haridwar

R. Bhutiani, Hari Pratap, Faheem Ahamad, Paritosh Kumar and Pankaj Dutt Kaushik

Quantitative estimation of carbon stock and carbon sequestration in small lholder agroforestry farms of mango and Indian gooseberry in Rajasthan, India


S. D. Nimbalkar, D.S. Patil, J. P. Sharma and J. N. Daniel

Impact evaluation of return on investment due to watershed development project in Ajmer District of Rajasthan

Vikash Pawariya and Jyoti Chauhan

Eco-restoration of coal mine overburden dump

Preeti Singh and Seema

Prevalence of typhoid in the rural community of Saharanpur (Uttar Pradesh) India

Kuldeep Rana and Harish Chandra

Biosequestration potential of trees outside forest in the plains of District Samba, J&K, India

Kulvinder Kour and Sanjay Sharma

Green economy: A challenge to inclusive and equitable growth

Indu Gautam and P.C. Kavidayal

Uptake of chromium in water hyacinth (Eichhornia crassipes) and its impact on biochemical structure

S. Madan , Chanchal and N. Kaushik

Exploration of thermophilic bacteria from hot springs of Garhwal Himalayas and their screening for industrially important enzyme production

Preeti Ranawat and Seema Rawat

Role of yoga in the management of digestive system disorders

Manorma Singh

Effect of chlorine substitution on the removal of phenols by activated carbon

Suhas, Randhir Singh and Alka Harit

Gastro retentive film of famotidine using bio-material extracted from Sapindus mukrossi fruit pulp

Peeush Singhal , Ritu Vishnoi Singhal, Vijay Kumar Jyoti ,R.D. Kaushik and Anurag Verma

Effect of sucrose on in-vitro pollen germination of Gloriosa superba L. – a medicinal plant from the Garhwal Himalaya, India

P. Tiwari, P. L. Uniyal and Ekta Chaudhary

Analyzing economic viability of implementing Redd+ in India: Cost benefit approach

Bibhu Prasad Sahoo and Karman Kaur

Impact of anthropogenic activity on habitat of Zebra fish (Danio devario)

Bipin Kumar Sati , Madhu Thapliyal and Ashish Thapliyal

Empowerment of rural women through sericulture

Ulka Yadav and Neeta Jadhav

Screening, biosorption and identification of indigenous fungal strains of iron mining area, Odisha, India

S. S. Panda, A. Basu, N. Patnaik and N. K. Dhal

Limnological characterisation of Hindon River at NCR (Uttar Pradesh), India

R. Bhutiani, Mukesh Ruhela and Faheem Ahamad

Lifeform classification and biological spectrum of Nandini wildlife sanctuary, Jammu, J&K, India

Jyoti Sharma and Anil K. Raina

Exotic species diversity in a famous picnic spot of Doon valley

Sonali Mamgain and S.P. Joshi

Distribution, diversity and phytosociology of Berberis lycium- a medicinally important and economically valuable plant species along a riparian gradient in Jammu and Kashmir

Anu Sharma , Dinesh Singh and Neeraj Sharma

Geriatric health care- An ayurvedic perspective

Shobhit Kumar, Vinod Bihari Kumawat and Uttam Kumar Sharma

Nutrient use efficiency of groundnut with organic manures

K. Ramakrishna, suneetha Devi K.B., Sailaja V. and J.D. Saritha

Effect of weather parameters on the growth and yield of Cauliflower

M. Ray and N. Mishra

Effect of bio and nano phosphorus on yield, yield attributes and oil content of groundnut (Arachis hypogaea. l)

M.Swetha Kumari, P. C. Rao, G. Padmaja, V. Ramulu, J. D. Saritha andK. Ramakrishna

An overview of groundwater quality in Tamil nadu

R. Kuttimani, A. Raviraj, B.J. Pandian and Gouranga Kar

Comparative response on the growth of the tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum) under fertilizer treatment based on on-site soil testing

Kavita Solanki, Vishwajeet Singh and Seema Bhadauria

Diversity and distribution of Spider fauna (family- araneidae) in and around Katepurna sanctuary, Akola, India

Milind V. Shirbhate and Amrita M. Shirbhate

Seed maturation timing in Quercus leucotrichophora A. camus along an altitudinal gradient in Uttarakhand Himalaya

Ashish Tewari, Amit Mittal and Nandan Singh

Cultivation of Cassia fistula, a medicinal plant under different conditions of

Ritu Vishnoi, G.S. Rajwar, Vineet Kumar Vishnoi and Jaya Upreti

Attitude of occupants towards green building concept in Udhamsingh nagar district of Uttarakhand

Harshita Bisht and Aditi Vats

Isolation of phosphate solubilizing micoorganisms from rhizosphere of sugarcane

Verinder Wahla and Shruti Shukla

Microbial diversity of Gumki cave and their potential role in enzyme production


Rachna Rautela, Seema Rawat, Rashmi Rawat, Pramila Verma and A.B.Bhatt

Temporal variation in tree biomass and carbon stocks of Pinus roxburghii sargent forests of Rajouri forest division in Jammu & Kashmir State

Rajeshwar Singh Jasrotia and Anil K. Raina

Applications of Oxone in chemical kinetics, synthetic chemistry and environmental chemistry: A review

Manila and Neha Bhatt

Extraction of precious metals in fly ashes

Rekha Rani

Assessment of noise level status in commercial units of samba town, J&K

Nazia Rasool and Raj Kumar Rampal

Ion Chromatographic analysis of heavy metals from a glacial fed cold water Himalayan stream, Bhaderwah, J&K, India

R. K. Gandhi, N. Sharma and Anil K. Raina

Leaf blight of Iris domestica: A new report from Bahraich (U.P.)

Nishat Asif and T.P. Mall

Biomedical waste management in Sonam Norbu Memorial Govt. District Hospital Leh-Ladakh

Sonam Angmo and Raj Kumar Rampal

Ambient air quality status of Jammu city

Barneet Kour and Anil K. Raina

Evaluation of maize genotypes for immunity against Banded Leaf and sheath blight disease

Nishat Asif and T.P.Mall

Phytorestoration in the debris dumping sites of a hydroelectric power project: A case study from Srinagar (Garhwal), Western Himalaya, India

Dinesh Singh Rawat, Radha Ballabha, Surbhi Suri, J. K. Tiwari and P. Tiwari

Solid Waste Generation and Management in Commercial units of Patnitop, J&K

Imran Ahmed Mir and Raj Kumar Rampal

  • Issue 1 & 2
  • Issue 3
  • SE

Diversity and ethnomedicinal uses of flowering plants of District Reasi, of J&K-North West Himalayas (India)

Jawaid Sarver, Siddarth Dubey and Romesh Kumar Atri

Wound closure under the influence of DC field

Devendra Singh and P.P. Pathak

Floristic composition of Agrakhal-Kunjapuri area of District Tehri Garhwal, Uttarkhand, India

Pramod Kumar

Morphological response of barley cultivars to different dates of sowing

Ankur Chaudhary, Meena Sewhag, V.S. Hooda, Priti Malik and Parveen Kumar

Use of sericulture by-product i.e. Sericin in ecofriendly treatment of cotton fabric

B. Bhandari , S. S. J. Singh and N. M. Rose

Conservation strategies of Actias selene Hubner: A wild silk moth in Nagaland, India

B.C. Chutia1 , C. Nath1 and L. N. Kakati2

Diversity of medicinal plants in Arakot-Khadikal forest area of District Tehri Garhwal, Uttarakhand, India

Asha Dobhal

Seasonal variations of physico-chemical factors and diversity of desmids (Algae) in Shahpura lake of Bhopal, India

Bhawana Agrawal

Deformities in Cirrhinus mrigala (Ham.Buch.) cultured in fresh water fish ponds in Jammu district, Jammu and Kashmir State, India

N.Gupta, S.P.S Dutta and C Shekhar

Groundwater qualitative prediction using artificial neural networks and support vector machine model case Study: Sirjan plain

Tahereh Darini and Amir Jalalkamali

Supplementary effect of yeast (Saccharomyces Cerevisiae) on rearing performance of Eri Silkworm (Philosamia Ricini) in respect of some larval parameter

Ulka Yadav and Ashok Bagdi

Effect of irrigation regimes and cultivars on crop biomass and root length density of direct dry- seeded rice (Oryza sativa L.)

Ajar Singh, Meharban Singh Kahlon and Chandra Bhushan Singh

Removal of chromium by a Bacterial consortium isolated from Kolar gold fields and chromium contaminated sites


Ashwini M, Veena Gayathri Krishnaswamy and Nabila Fathima

Role of Calcium and Vegetation in salinity and desertification (Western India)

Pilania P. K. and N. S. Panchal

Demonstrating urban pollution using heavy metals in road dusts from Lucknow City, Uttar Pradesh, India

Vidhu Gupta and Ajay Kumar Arya

Physio-chemical status of soil of a temperate Himalayan forest at AgrakhKunjapuri area of district Tehri Garhwal, Uttarakhand, India

Pramod Kumar

Medicinal plants of Lamberi forest range, Rajouri, J&K, India

Jyoti Sharma and Anil K. Raina

Evaluation of altitudinal distribution and population dynamics of introduced Brown trout (Salmo trutta) and native Snow trout (Schizothorax richardsonii) in river Asiganga, Uttarakhand (India)

Madhu Thapliyal1 , Madhu Bartwal2 , Ashish Thapliyal 3

Ecological damage in the vicinity of two industrial areas of Uttarakhand

Shweta Ranghar and Mamta Baunthiyal

Utilisation of free floating macrophytes for milk process unit wastewater treatment

Rakesh Bhutiani, D.R. Khanna, Varun Tyagi and Faheem Ahamad

Effect of nitrification inhibitors on physio-chemical properties, growth and yield attributes 1-9 of Mulberry (Morus spp.)

Vinod Kumar Yadav, P.M.Pratheesh Kumar and V.Sivaprasad

Farm status and knowledge level in guava post-harvest system

C. Sivananth, S.Kanchana and M. Esakkimuthu

Identification of phytochemical contents and antimicrobial activity of Saraca asoca leaves 19-24 Extract

Babita Patni and Harish Chandra

A study on Cladophora Kuetz from Tarai region of Uttar Pradesh

SPM Tripathi and J.P. Tiwari

Pictorial HIRAC: A concept of incident prevention in oil and gas process Industry

Chetan Patle and Nihal Anwar Siddiqui

Morphological study on Stigeoclonium species from Bihar lake Pratapgarh (U.P.) India

S.P.M. Tripathi

Cumulative effect of HaNPV against Helicoverpa armigera infesting Chickpea

Divya C., D. M. Jethva and H. G. Kanara

Growth and biochemical constituents of an indigenous cyanobacterium affected by heavy 37-43 metal stress

Rajesh Dhankhar and Lalita Rana

Diversity of Pithophora Species from Tarai Region of Uttar Pradesh

S.P.M. Tripathi

Divergence of seed quality and storability traits in Pongamia genotypes

Sujatha Patta, K. Keshavulu, Jella Satyanarayana, K.B. Eswari, V. Gouri Shankar, T. Ramyashree, TNVS Ravi Krishna, Amtul Raheem and Sreenivas Ghatty

The effect of different photoperiod on the weight of different larval Instars of 53-55 Eri Silkworm (Philosamia ricini) L (Saturniidae: Lepidoptera)

Ulka Yadav and Neeta Jadhav

Respiratory signs and symptoms of a rural subpopulation in India: What do they tell us?

Meena Sehgal, Sumit Kumar Gautam, Tanushree Gaine, Sayak Manna, Samresh Bhattacharjee and Anand Krishnan

Awareness and perception of prevailing environmental issues in eco-friendly 67-78 crop manD. 

Jebapreetha and M. Esakkimuthu

Productive assessment of Pisum sativum l. by using organic fertilizers

Nitin Kamboj, Vishal Kamboj, Manisha Bharti and Shalini Sharma

Diversity of Draparnaldia Species from Rice fields of Garwha Allahabad (U.P.) India

S.P.M. Tripathi

Assessment of micronutrients contamination in soil around different industrial belt of Gujarat

Ketan Satashiya, K.G.Patel and S.M. Bambhaneeya

The impact of different nitrogen amount and sources on the yield of three silage corn cultivar (KSC500 – KSC703- KSC704)

Rouhollah Keykhosravi, Hamid Mozafari and Hamid Madani

Toxicological evaluation of Bauhinia variegata Linn. for estimating the neurological, hematological and physical alterations in the albino mice

Ashwani Kumar

Legal and ethical aspect of human organ transplantation in India: A critical review

Ramesh Chandra Tiwari, Ajay Kumar Sharma, Uttam Kumar Sharma and Suresh Chaubey

Study on bark algae Trentepoholia species from Purvanchal and bordering area of Bihar

S.P.M. Tripathi

Effect of essential oil of Cymbopogan caseius and Cymbopogan nardus against Aflatoxin producing Aspergillus fla

Harish Chandra

Survey on Coleochaete species from Ramgarh Tal Gorakhpur (U.P.) India

S.P.M. Tripathi

Influence of farm yard manure and inorganic N fertilization on performance of garlic under different irrigation regimes

C. B. Singh, M.S.Kahlon and N. K. Sekhon

Critical analysis of life style modification (Diet & Behavioral) in the pathogenesis of Psoriasis

Shweta Singh and D.K. Goyal

First record of Blue-bearded Bee-eater bird Nyctyornis athertoni (Jardine & Selby)attacking Apis mellifera colonies in Himachal Pradesh

Harish Kumar Sharma, Meena Thakur, Amritpal Singh Brar and Kiran Rana

Physico-chemical analysis of Sewage water treatment plant at Jagjeetpur Haridwar, Uttarakhand

R. Bhutiani , D.R. Khanna, Shubham and Faheem Ahamad

First report of distribution range extension of Oreocryptophis porphyraceus (Cantor, 1839)(Reptilia: Colubridae) in Mizoram, North East India

Daya Nand Harit

Evaluation of antibacterial and phytochemical analysis of root extracts of Alysicarpus vaginalis DC. against respiratory tract pathogens

Prashant Arya, J.P. Mehta and Sanjay Kumar