Volume: 01 (Issue 1-3)

Response of an Algal Community to Chromium

P.K. Goel and R. G. Shete

Environmental Problems of Using Water in India – Need for Generation of High Value Added Products

S. N. Kaul, Tapas Nady and L. Szyprokowicz

Sources and Quality of Drinking Water in Relation to its Impact on Health with Reference to Tribal Group of Chota Nagpur Plateau

B.N. Pandey, P. K. L. Das, A.k. Jha and A. K. Ojha

Seasonal Fluctuations in the Plankton of Suswa River Raiwala (Dehradun)

D. R. Khanna and R. K. Singh

Growth Inhibitory Activity of 6- Methoxyageratochromene on Culex- Quinquefaciatus (Diptera : Culicidae)

P.K. Mishra, R. C. Saxena, H. K. Saxena and S. Arora

Fish Fauna and Fish Production of Tribal District West Nimar (Khargone) of M. P., India

S. K. Pathak and S. K. Pathak

Water Quality of Rampur of Reservoir of Guna District (Madhya Pradesh, India )

Renu Jain and Dushyant Sharma

Conservation of Horn Bills in Betul District of Madhya Pradesh, India

Saurabh Guha and P. K. Mishra

Base line Studies of Biological Environment in ElA Projects: Strategies and Examples

T.K. Ghosh

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