Volume: 02 (Issue 1-3)

Environmental Significance of Helminth Parasites and Their Removal in Wastewater Treatment Process

Shanta Satyanarayana, P.R. Chaturvedi and S.N. Kaul

Microbial Degradation of Urea from Urea Bearing Wastewaters

P.P. Pathe, T. Nandy, S.N. Kaul, C.V. Deshpande and L. Szpyrkowicz

Effect of Tridax procumber Extraction on Fecundity, Fertility and Mating Behaviour of Culex Quivque fasciatus

Deepti Shukla, R.C. Saxena, Pramendra Raghuwanshi, V.K. Shrama, P.K. Mishra, I.P. Saxena and M.C. Koli

Fluctuation in the Population Density of Macro- invertebrates of River Ganga at Pashulok Barage, Rishikesh (Uttranchal, India)Behaviour of Culex Quivque fasciatus

D.R. Khanna, Tarun Chugh and Praveen Sarkar

Diurnal Variation in Some Aspects of Limnology of Gopalpura Tank of District Guna (Madhya Pradesh India )

Dushyant Sharma and Renu Jain

Notes on Medicinal Flora of Guru Nanak Dev University Campus Amritsar 

A.K . Dhiman and D.R. khanna

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