Volume: 05 (Issue 1-3)

Epilithic Periphyton and Detritus Ecology of the Spring-fed Stream Eastern Nayar in Garhwal Himalaya

V.P. Balodi, Anoop K. Dobriyal, H.K.Joshi, S.P. Uniyal and Anju Thapliyal

A study of ambient air quality and noise pollution in Nainital city

C.S Bhatt, Mohd.Sikander, J.P. Singh, D.R. Khanna Ashutosh Gautam and Shakun Singh

Histopathological study of neemax induced kidney of Rasbora daniconius

Asha D. Lazarus, K.D. Mishra, S.D. Dongre and P.K. Mishra

Rain water harvesting

Mukesh Ruhela, R. Bhutiani and Aradhana Anand

Ganges water pollution and its management through religion

A. K.Chopra, G. Prasad and D.R. Khanna

Effect of Parathion, an Organophosphorous Compound on estrous cycle of female Rattus ratus

Krishna Khasdeo, R.C. Banatwalaand Rahul M. Kavale

Phytotoxic Effects of Eucalyptus globulus leaf extract on seed germination and seedling growth of Vicia

R.B. Singh and U.C. Das

Mosquito larvivorous potential of some indigenous fishes

Rajiv Shrivastava, S.K. Goyal, P.K. Mishra, Kapil Soni and R.C. Saxena

Assessment of noise pollution in the city of Hardwar (Uttaranchal) India

D.R.Khanna, J.P.Singh and Shakun Singh

Impact of IDPL effluent on water quality of river Ganga at Shyampur Khadir, Rishikesh (Uttaranchal)

G.Prasad, V. Shanker and A.K. Chopra

Limnological study of Sapna reservoirs at Betul (M.P.)

R.C. Banatwala, S.D. Dongre P.K. Mishra,  R.G. Verma

Management of Greenhouse Gases for Environmental Prosperity: Literature Review and Introduction to IPCC

Saji Baby

Accumulation of heavy metals in crop plants through irrigation of contaminated ground water in Panipat region

D.S. Malik, Rasmi Yadav and Pawan K. Bharti

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