Volume: 09 (Issue 1 & 2)

Impact of improper disposal of solid waste on ground water quality- A case study

S.C. Gupta and Seema Sambyal

Studies physic-chemical and biological parameters of Chorgaon Lake Distt. Chandrapur, India

P.M. Telkhade, N.R. Dahegaonkar, S.B. Zade, C.J. khune and A.N. Lonkar

The Anatomic responses of Lycopersium esculentum Mill. Die to the Tomato leaf curl Virus (TLCV)

Sarika Srivastava, G.P. Srivastava and J.P. Tewari

Fungal ecology of BLSB infected maize fields

Nishat Asif and T.P. Mall

Status of water quality of Masal Lake Durgapur, Distt. Chandrapur

P.M. Telkhade, N.R. Dahegaonkar, S.B. Zade and P.N. Charde

Percentage generation and estimated energy content of municipal soild waste at commercial area of Janipur, Jammu

Subhash C. Gupta and P. Manhas

Maida leaf and Ama haldi- A potent ethnomedicine for bone fracture

Babli Singh, Manjulla Srivastava and T.P. Mall

Quantitative analusis of phytoplankton and zooplankton of Masala Lake, Masala, Distt. Chandrapur, Maharashtra

P.M. Telkhade, N.R. Dahegaonkar, S.B. Zade and A.N. Lonkar

Ethnomedicinal investigations among Tribes of Vindhyan- Kaimur region of Uttar Pradesh

Ramesh Pandey, Babli Singh and T.P. Mall

Water Quality assessment of Neri Nala at Durgapur, Distt. Chandrapur , Maharashtra

P.M. Telkhade, N.R. Dahegaonkar, S.B. Zade

Folk remidies against several human disorders by Eclipta alba (L.) Mant.

Manjulla Srivastava and S.C .Tripathi

Medicinal plant biodiversity in India: Resources utilization and conservational aspects

Abdul Rashid and V.K. Anand

Remedial measures of humanailments by Oxalis corniculata (Linn.)

Manjulla Srivastava and S.C. Tripathi

Study of Physico-chemical characteristics of treated effluent of Sugar Industry

A. Polestya, S. Sharma and D.R. Khanna

A study of plankton population on the Moghat reservoir at khandwa District (M.P.)

Vivek keshre, L.K. Mudgal, D.R. Khanna, Gagan mattta, Dheeraj Kumar and Vikas Singh

Elephantopus scaber L. – A traditional panacea for several ailments

S. C. Tripathi and Manjulla Srivastava 

Wound healing activity of Achyranthes aspera (Linn.) in experimental rats

Dinisha Malviya, P.N. Srivastava, Shailendra Rajput and R. C. Saxena

Effectiveness of coagulation for removal of turbidity and biological growth in experimental salt gradient solar pond

A. K. Saxena, S. Sugandhi, M. Husain and S.K. Mahajan

Larval feeding and gallery pattern of a single larva of Hoplocerambyx spinicornis, a major pest of Sal, Shorea robusta

S. Negi and V.D Joshi

Suitability of ground water for irrigation in Lakhanpur block of Jharsuguda District, Orissa

Atish Kumar Pattanaik

Wastes encountered by green chemistry

Pankaj Srivastava, Rajeev Rajput, Mukesh Ruhela, Munendra Varshney and Dheeraj Kumar

Corynespora sp.-An ethnomedicinal plant from north western Tarai forest of Uttar Pradesh- A new report

D.P. Singh, Nishat Asif and T.P. Mall

Recent Progress in Aflatoxin analysis and their inactivation

Harish Chandra, Parul Bishnoi, Jatin Srivastava, A.R. Nautiyal and S.V.S. Chauhan

Assessment of water quality of Phagwara drain in Punjab

A. Polestya, S. Sharma and A.S. Reddy

Studies on the ecology of River Beas with reference to benthic fauna

Ashok Kumar and V.K. Saxena

In vitro antibacterial activity of Sahdevi (Vernonia cineria less)

Prabhat, Navneet, Pramod and Chhaya

Water quality of river Ganga in respect of physic-chemical characteristics at Kangri Village, District Haridwar

Unnati Vishnoi, Jagjit Kaur and S.K .Pathak

Bharat Ki Prakritik Jal Sampada tatha uske sangraksan aivam prabandhan ke upay

Shri Krishan Mahajan

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