Volume: 12 (Issue 1 & 2)

Studies on toxicity of endosulphan on edible fresh water fish Nemacheilus botia 

Anita P. Patil, Sunil, D. Patil and Kailas H. Kapadnis

Microbiological examination of macronutrients (C& N) for production of antibiotics produced by actinomycetes  

Aishwarya Tandon and Laxmi Chandra

A study on pollution status and its impact on water quality of River Ganga at Haridwar

D.R. Khanna, R. Bhutiani and Dipali Bhaskar Kulkarni

Heavy metal contamination in seafood of two suburban areas of Mumbai (West Coast) of India

G.V. Zodape

Morphological and biochemical studies of the milt (Spermatozoa) of the   snow-trout fish Schizothorax richardsonii (Gray)

S.N. Bahuguna , Amit K. Tripathi and Amir Khan

Dynamics of zooplankton diversity in relation to water quality of Heggere tank, Kanale Sagara Karnataka, India

R. Purushothama, H. A.Sayeswara and Mahesh Anand Goudar

Analysis of solid waste generation in hospitals of Kathua Town (J&K), India

Pankaj Sharma and Subash C. Gupta

Resource utilization and anthropogenic pressure in a part of Submontane forest of outer Himalaya, Uttarakhand

Bhasker Joshi and Pramod Kumar

A study on planktonic components of River Yamuna

Vivek Sharma , Nitin Kamboj and B.D. Joshi

Localization of dye degrading enzymes in Xanthomonas campestris MTCC 10, 108

Shweta Sharma, Amir Khan , Ashok Munjal   and Sanjay Gupta

Vesicular arbuscular mycorrhiza (VAM) mediated solubilization of phosphorus in clayey soil

Aparna Asokan, Snehita Chauhan and Prem Kishor Kumar

Traditional use of some leguminous plants in Tarai and Bhawar regions    of Kumaun Himalaya, Uttarakhand

Bhasker Joshi, Pramod Kumar and S. C. Pant

Ecological characteristics of Sahastradhara stream at Dehradun (Uttarakhand)

D.S. Malik and Umesh Bharti

Isolation and determination of biochemical nature of water soluble anticoagulant from earthworm

Abhishek Mathur, Satish K. Verma, Santosh K. Singh, Archana Prakash, G.B.K.S. Prasad, V.K. Dua

Mini Forest – An approach to evaluate the adaptability of Western Ghats   species for afforestation

Sankara Rao K., Harish R. Bhat, Varsha A. Kulkarni and T. V. Ramachandra

Environmental assessment of Tapti river water quality in Betul district,  M.P.  India

Sunanda Nagle, Kirti Shrivastava and O. N. Choubey

Liquid bio-medical waste management strategy

Parag Dalal

Analysis of cyanophycean biodiversity in Munshi Hussain tank, Bhopal

Bharti Khare and Pramod Patil

Shoot induction and multiplication of an endangered medicinal plant  Rauvolfia serpentina

P.K. Mishra, R. Mehta, S. Shrivastava, L. Lilhore, S. Masodkara and A. Pawar

Pollution studies of River Bhadra at Industrial town Bhadravathi, Karnataka, India

H.A.Sayeswara, Mahesh Anand Goudar and K.L.Naik

Molecular characterization of the keratinophilic fungi isolated from high altitude regions of Kashmir

Shelly Sehgal, Manoj K. Dhar and Sanjana Kaul

A study to access heavy metal concentration in Paniyala Fish Pond near Roorkee (Haridwar)

D.R. Khanna, Arun Kumar and Neeraj

Geothermal spring sites as excellent reservoir of novel microorganisms

G.K. Joshi , Mamta Arya and J. Jugran

Survey and conservation of some useful aquatic insects of Betul District   of Madhya Pradesh, India

P.K. Mishra, Archna Mishra, Asha Thakur and M.S. Solanki

Importance and role of green productivity in Industries: A Review

Sweta Gaur, Gagan Matta and Vikas Singh

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