Volume: 16 (Special Edition)

The study of Pollen and Nectar Bearing Plants in Ardebil

Mozhgan Pir Irani and Ali Akbar Imani 

Market Power and Dividend Policy: Evidence from Firms Listed in Tehran Stock Exchange

Mehdi Ramezani and Seyed Alireza Moosavi

An Investigation on the Seismic Behavior of Castellated beams under Explosion Loads Effect

Hossein Khosravi, Mohsen Rasouli, Mohsen Khosravi and S . Shoaib Mousavi

Attitudes of women heads of households to remarriage

Eisa Charati, Jamileh Esfandiarpour , Mohammadreza Nezaratizadeh and Masomeh Shahabi

The Analysis on Articulation (Joint) Space in Matrix of Iranian Architecture Case Study: Forecourt (Doorway Space) of Sigari House at Yazd City

Rahim Hashempour and Lia Nasser Saeed

The place of social capital in the prevention and control of occurrence of crime in society

Abdolnaser Kord Tamini, Mohammad Narouiand Abdolrahim Rigi

An analysis of the circumstances and factors that have influenced the development of Animation Industry in Iran in the 1960-2002 periods

Naser Golmohammadi

Studying the components status of the competitive advantage variable in the importer companies of the network products (HP Company) and its relation with demographic variables

Helena Yousef

Auditing and managing energy consumption in pool of imam Khomeini University of naval forces

Rasool Karimi

The impact of technology on architecture in Iran with focus on saving in energy consumption

Allah Bakhsh Kavoosi, Shahin Heidari and Hamed Mazaherian

Examining the Way of Local Identity Perception in Historic Neighbors(Case of Study: Dodangeh Neighbor in Borujerd)

KeivanMohajemi Fard, Hosein Habibi and Omid Dejdar

Application of Cukoo Algorithm to Improve Economic Scheduling In Grid Computing

Alireza Azadmanesh and Majid Sina

Form and Meaning Semiotics in the Red Ihrams Play Narrated by Davood Kianian

Leila Taghavi

The comparative study of text documents clustering algorithms

Mohammad Eiman Jamnezhad and Reza Fattahi

Dramatic Elements of “Qanbar’s Elegy” Ritual in Fasa, Iran

Leila Taghavi

Form and Meaning of Rostam and Esfandiyār Battle in a Coffee House Painting by Mohammad Modabber

Leila Taghavi

Russia’s energy weapon as a tool against the expansion of NATO to the East

Pesaran Ghader Iman; M.A, Jalalli. Reza , Khosravi. MuhammadAli

The confrontation between essence and existence in Plato and Aristotle’s ideas in art

Ramin Keshavarz and Moheb Ali Absalan

Prediction of the Pollutants Concentration Using Artificial Neural Network(ANN)

Ahmad Mousavian, HadyZarei Mahmodabady and Aboutaleb Ghadami Jadval Ghadam

Visual and Ecological Prerequisites of Development of Modern Architecture

Dubinskii Vladimir Petrovich

The foundations of environment in Quran with a review of seven United Nations Conferences on the environment

Mahmoud Rostami Tabar and Seyed Mohammad Shobeiri

Investigating the elements of play in text of Ghanbar’s Elegy: The Mullah Mohammad Ismail Matbuei’s Version

Leila Taghavi

The relation between environmental training and social responsibility with proactive environmental strategy

Seyyed Mahdi Zia Ziabari, Hassan Amiri, Nina Taherparvar, Amir Noyani, Laila Tavazo, Farshid Farhadi

Analysis of endowed lands in spatial development of Rasht city in recent three decades

Roohangiz Asayesh Talab and Shahram Amir Entekhabi

A Symbolic Deconstructed Colonialism in E. M. Forster’s A Passage to India

Monireh Arvin

Management of Rural Development Programming and its Environmental Effects: A Case Study of farms of Masal County

Guiti Moradi Estalkhzir

Identifying and prioritizing the influential factors in the absorption of foreign direct investment the AHP model (Case Study: Kurdistan Province)

Mohammad Sokhanvar and Negar Mahmoodi 

Prediction and optimization weld nugget size in resistance spot welding in low carbon steel using design of experiments


Qualitative Evaluation of Potential Impacts of Effluent of Genaveh Hospital Wastewater Treatment Plant on Soil and Plants

Abdoljalil Mohammadi, Esmaeil Kouhgardi and Tirdad Maghsoudloo

Investigation causes of pavement structure destruction using new AASHTO mechanistic-empirical procedures for improving roads function in different climatic condition of Iran

Malihe Behnam, Hedyeh Khojasteh, Mirmohammad Seyyed Hashemi and Mehdi Javid

The position of Green Space in Improving Beauty and Quality of sustainable Space of City

Mina Bakhshi

Effects of Minimalism: from art and architecture to Sa’sdi of Gulistan

Mah Nazari, Hooman Malayeri

Provide a data mining algorithm for text classification based on text content emotions using neural network

Ebrahim Haydari and Amir Reza Estakhrian Haghighi

Recycling concrete debris, economic and environmental effects

Effat Samie Ghahfarokhe , Vaheed Shahhossienee 

Investigation of Various Random Wave Run-up Amounts under the Influence of Different Slopes and Roughnesses

Ali Ebrahimi, Mahdi Behdarvandi Askar, Sadeq Haqiqi Pour, Vahid Chegini

Role of Social Networks in the Spread of the Arabic Revolutions

Ehsan Madmalil  , Hamed Mohagheghnia 

Theoretical reflection on the impact of globalization processes on civil rights

Ehsan Madmalil , Fereydoun Akbarzadeh 

The effect of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy on the reduction of anxious thoughts in students

Peyman Dousti, Hossain Mohagheghi, Davood Jafari

Study the Effective Factors on Brand equity (Case Study in Bank SepahEast Tehran Province Branch)

Alireza Mikaeili , Mahshid Moshiri Langeroudi , Mehrnoush Seraj, Elnaz Sharif,Hamidreza Aria

Examining Effect of Organizational Structure Dimensions on the Knowledge management (Case Study: Payame Noor Universities of Semnan Province)

Alireza Mikaeili, Alireza Ghorbani , Vahid Babaei Agha Maleki – Poyan Ali, Abbas Zadeh, Mahmood Omrani

Identifying Effect of Intellectual Capitals and Creativity on Studied Business Performance of Parsian Bank Branches of Tehran Province

Alireza Mikaeili, Seyedeh Azadeh Mousavi, Ali Ajorloo. Hamid Ghafari Asl, Amrolah Babapur Roshan

Effect of Spiritual Skills Training on Public Health of Cardiac Patients

Nasrin Kazemi Miraki and Eghbal Zarei

Studying the Relationship of Identity-Genuineness and Desired Organizational Image on Insurance Companies Performance(Case Study: Iran Insurance)

Mehdi Shojaei Shad  , Kewmars Fallahi

Designing the Interactive Model of Operational Strategic Factors of Production Companies- SSIM Approach

Reza Tahmasebi Blook Abad

The effect of brand experience, service quality and perceived value on brand loyalty study (Case Study: National Bank of Birjand city)

Mahdi Mahmoodzadeh

Survey of the Water Quality of the Bahar County Streams (Iran) by NSFWQI

Abbas Ghaffari Habib, Seyed Hadi Khatami

Impact of Financial Strategies on Financial Operation of Iran Banks and Develop a Model to Prioritize the Financial Strategy Using Combined Techniques SWOT and AHP

Babak Jamshidi Navid, Mehrdad Ghanbari, Farshid Kheir Allahi , Masoud Barati

Application of Gibberellic Acid, Humic Acid on Yield of Essential Oil Menthapiperita

Application of Gibberellic Acid, Humic Acid on Yield of Essential Oil Menthapiperita

Investigating the possibility of decrease consumption of chemical fertilizers with using the biofertilizers in Hyssopus officinalis in Iran

Shajari Sima, Naderi Gholamreza, Esmaeilifar Afshin, Hosseini Sima

Selenium phytoremediation study of contaminated soils by Vetiveria zizanioides and Medicago sativa

Samaneh Rasooli, Mojtaba Yousefirad, Lobat Taghavi

The relationship between early maladaptive schemas and mental skills with goal orientation of footballers

Amir Pasha Kazemi, Alireza Kakavand, Rokhsareh Fazli

Study the Relationship Between Internal and External Control Source and Academic Procrastination of Students from Islamic Azad University,Iranshahr and Chabahar Branches

Mahbobeh Seyedi

Comparative Evaluation of Financing Methods Based of ROA, ROE, Debt ratio, EPS and DPS in Automotive and Petrochemical Industry’Companies Listed in Tehran Stock Market

Amin Farmahini Farahani, Roya Darabi 

Investigating the Effects of Major Ecological Factors on Essential Oils and Existing Chemical Compounds of Nepeta menthoides in Habitat Conditions

Mozhgan Omidi, Ali Akbar Imani

Analyzing the country events registration of the safe community project using E & CFA technique: Case study of Esfahan Province

Hamzeh Zarei, Saeed Givehchi, Mahanaz Nasrabadi

A Study on Effect of Motivation on Purchase Behavior in Iran’s Internet Marketing (Netbarg Company)

Behnam Bahrami, Amir Ehsan Zahedi

Philosophy for Children (P4C): Integrated Approach to Teaching Thinking(Process Approach and Content Approach)

Reza Jahani, Ahmad Akbari

Accounting Conservatism in Stock Price Downfall Risk in “Tehran Stock Exchange”

Sahar Taremi, Bamdad Partovi

Documenting water (fluid) from dewatering process as the most strategic product in drilling operations in order to make fluid and improve its rheological properties in line with environmental standards for reuse of wastewater

Sara Karimi , Behnaz Goudarzi , Abdolamir Moezzi , Ebrahim RajabZadeh Qhatrami 

The effects of using Micro-SiO2 with Ground Granulated Blast-Furnace Slag of Esfahan Steel Company in Concrete

Fatemeh Sayyahi, Hamid Shirzadi

To investigate the Effect of extrusion process conditions on the functional characteristics of expanded products Based on corn- almond

Neda Hashemi , Sayed Ali Mortazavi, Elnaz Milani, Faride Tabatabaie Yazdi

Investigating the Histological effects of industrial and oil pollutant dust in the air of Assaluyeh, on the pancreas and ovary

F. Ershad, P. FarzadiNia, M. Shariati, Afshar. Bargahi

The impact of sustainable architecture patterns in optimizing energy consumption (Case Study: hot and dry climate)

Adel Ataei Karizi , Mahjoobeh Noohi Bezenjani

The Theory Of Constraints :A Comparative assessment

Ali Reza Mikaeeli , Mostafa Fahkravar , Meysam Esfahani, Salman Fadaei, Ali Karimi 

Overall study on molecular pathways of skin cancer derived from Ultraviolet radiation as an environmental threat

Hossein Yousefi Samira Mmohammadzadeh Arsalan Irompour, Neda Shenasifam4 Elham roshandel, Arsalan Jalili

Examine the contamination of Epinephelus coioides with Listeria and Salmonella bacteria in Khuzestan coastal zone

Taeibeh Zeynipour, Ali Fazalara, Hussein Zolgarnein

Studying and identifying natural dangers of Shanderman masal basin

Abbasali Sani Chaleh Saraei, Fereydoon Azad Gholami Khasmakhi, Alireza Abbasi Najafabadi

Study of DNA sequence variation in Streptococcus faecalis bacteria by treatment with copper oxide nanoparticles

Ramin Mir Hesami, Bahram golestani Imani, Farokh Karimi

Investigation the Effective Factors on Management of Household Waste with Considering Public Cooperation

Seyedeh Roghayeh Hasani Ziabari

Design of Domes in Islamic-Iranian Architecture

Jalal Ahmadi

A Study on Relation between Customer complaint behaviour and Undesirable Service Experience. (Case study: Eghtesad Novin Bank-Tehran West Branch)

Ali Aalikhani

How is the language of imagery in lyric’s of Amir Khosro Dehlavi

Javad Farasati, Mir Jalaloddin Kazzazi

Organizational Reengineering for Relief Agencies based on BPR Methodology

Seyede Hadis Hojati, Mohammad Mahdi Paydar, Hamid Mashreghi

Liquid–liquid equilibrium for the ternary systems of water + acetic acid+ethyl acetate at T=298.2K

M. Manteghian, M. Shahbazi

Evaluation of chemical contamination of surface water and groundwater in the landfill city of Ardabil

Maliheh Shahmorad Moghanlou and Ebrahim Fataei

A study on effect of individual creativity mediated by the time management on job performance of employees of Tehran water& Sewage Company, region 1

Peymaneh Nikzad

Assessment of Impressions effective on Preserving and Strengthening the Brand Customs in E-Commerce (Case Study, LCDs with LG Brand)

Masoumeh Ghafari

Investigation causes of pavement structure failure using new AASHTO mechanistic-empirical procedures for optimization roads performance in different climatic condition of Iran

Maliheh Behnam, Hedyeh Khojasteh, Mir mohammad Seyyed Hashemi, Mehdi Javid

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