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"An International Journal Devoted to Conservation of Environment"


ISSN: 2278-5124 (Online) :: ISSN: 0972-3099 (Print)

Conservation Journal

"An International Journal Devoted to Conservation of Environment"


ISSN: 2278-5124 (Online) :: ISSN: 0972-3099 (Print)

Conservation Journal

"An International Journal Devoted to Conservation of Environment"


ISSN: 2278-5124 (Online) :: ISSN: 0972-3099 (Print)

Conservation Journal

"An International Journal Devoted to Conservation of Environment"


ISSN: 2278-5124 (Online) :: ISSN: 0972-3099 (Print)

Conservation Journal

"An International Journal Devoted to Conservation of Environment"


ISSN: 2278-5124 (Online) :: ISSN: 0972-3099 (Print)

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Physico-chemical analysis of Sewage water treatment plant at Jagjeetpur Haridwar, Uttarakhand

R. Bhutiani , D.R. Khanna, Shubham and Faheem Ahamad

Limnology and Ecological Modelling Laboratory, Department of Zoology and Environmental science, Gurukula Kangri Vishwavidyalaya, Haridwar


Water is quite essential natural element for all kinds of life. The quality of water is vital concern for mankind since it is directly linked with human welfare. The water samples were collected from sewage treatment plant (from both 18 MLD and 27 MLD) situated in Jagjeetpur, Haridwar. The study was carried out for a period of four months and total 15 sampling were done during this period. Results revealed that in inlet pH varied from 7.13 to 8.76 and in outlet 6.01 to 8.2, total solids in inlet varied from 751 mg/l to 897 mg/l and in outlet from 509 mg/l to 749 mg/l. The total hardness in inlet was found between 212mg/l to 249 mg/l and in outlet from 178 mg/l to 210 mg/l. Chloride in inlet varied from 96.5 mg/l to 112.9 mg/l and in outlet 45.4 mg/l to 57.2 mg/l , alkalinity values in inlet were reported between 178 mg/l to 211 mg/l and in outlet from 154 mg/l to 205 mg/l. Dissolved oxygen in inlet was found between 0.70 mg/l to 1.96 mg/l and in outlet from 4.01 mg/l to 6.22 mg/l. Biochemical oxygen demand in inlet ranges from 90 mg/l to 129 mg/l and in outlet from 3.6 mg/l to 8.5 mg/l , Chemical oxygen demand in inlet ranges from 231 mg/l to 252 mg/l and in outlet from 16 mg/l to 30 mg/l. This study showed that both the treatment plants are working in good condition.

Physico-chemical parameters, reservoirs, sewage, treatment plant

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Bhutiani, R., Khanna, D. R., & Faheem, A. (2016). Physico-chemical analysis of sewage water treatment plant at Jagjeetpur Haridwar, Uttarakhand. Environment Conservation Journal17(3), 133-142.

Received: 21.05.2016

Accepted: 19.08.2016

First Online: 18.12. 2016


Publisher Name:  Action for Sustainable Efficacious Development and Awareness (ASEA)

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