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"An International Journal Devoted to Conservation of Environment"


ISSN: 2278-5124 (Online) :: ISSN: 0972-3099 (Print)

Conservation Journal

"An International Journal Devoted to Conservation of Environment"


ISSN: 2278-5124 (Online) :: ISSN: 0972-3099 (Print)

Conservation Journal

"An International Journal Devoted to Conservation of Environment"


ISSN: 2278-5124 (Online) :: ISSN: 0972-3099 (Print)

Conservation Journal

"An International Journal Devoted to Conservation of Environment"


ISSN: 2278-5124 (Online) :: ISSN: 0972-3099 (Print)

Conservation Journal

"An International Journal Devoted to Conservation of Environment"


ISSN: 2278-5124 (Online) :: ISSN: 0972-3099 (Print)

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Evaluation of water quality of River Malin using water quality index (WQI) at Najibabad, Bijnor (UP) India

Bhutiani R., Ahamad Faheem  Tyagi Varun and Ram Khushi

Limnology and Ecological Modelling Laboratory, Department of Zoology and Environmental Science, Gurukula Kangri Vishwavidyalaya, Haridwar-249404


Malin river originates from the Kotdwara and merges with Ganga at RavalliGhat in Bijnor. It is an important river of city Najibabad Distt- Bijnor (U.P) because it is the main source of irrigation for agriculture in the most areas of city Najibabad. At some places cloth washing and vegetable washing is the main activity on the Malin River bank. Four sampling sites were established for the collection of water samples during July, 2015 to June, 2016 but in the present study average of all the values of all the four sites was given. Monitoring of water of River Malin includes physico-chemical parameters like temperature, turbidity, total solids, total suspended solids, total dissolved solids, pH, total hardness, calcium hardness, magnesium hardness, total alkalinity, chloride, acidity, dissolved oxygen, biochemical oxygen demand and chemical oxygen demand. TDS, total hardness, calcium hardness and magnesium hardness was found beyond the limit at all the four sampling sites and rest all the parameters were found within the limit. The average values of TDS, BOD, COD and TH were observed 635.1 mg/l±55.31, 12.1±0.54, 35.2±1.01, 341.0±1.84. Further water quality of river Malin has been assessed using water quality index and the quality of river Malin was observed to be bad at all site which may be attributed to untreated and/or partially treated waste inputs of municipal and industrial effluents joining the river.

Malin River, Non-perennial, RavalliGhat, WQI

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Bhutiani, R., Ahamad, F., Tyagi, V., & Ram, K. (2018). Evaluation of water quality of River Malin using water quality index (WQI) at Najibabad, Bijnor (UP) India. Environment Conservation Journal19(1&2), 191-201.


Received: 25.11.2017

Revised: 28.01.2018

Accepted: 14.02.2018

First Online: 20.06. 2018



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