Volume: 20 (Issue 3)

Determination of antioxidant activity, total phenolic and flavonoid contents in leaves, stem and roots of Uraria picta Desv

Mohan B. , Saxena H. O., Kakkar A. and Mishra M. K.

Patterns of invasion by crofton weed (Ageratina adenophora) in Kailash sacred landscape region of western Himalaya (India)

Chaudhary Alka , Adhikari B.S., Joshi N.C. and Rawat G.S.

High value fermented nutraceutical product from pomegranate aril and rind blends

Karan, M. , Sreenivas, K.N., Manjula, G.S., Chirag, R.M. and Mohamad Tayeeb Ulla, H.

Seasonal diversity of water birds of Tapti River in Burhanpur District (M.P.)

Keshre Vivek

Calculation of carbon footprints in semi urban areas of Jammu, J&K (India)

Malik Khired Tanveer and Srivastava Purnima

Checklist of Blattodea from Maharashtra State in India

Prabakaran, S., Senraj. M., Packiam, S. M. and Jaiswal, Deepa

Medicinal value and mechanism of light adaptation in Lepidium latifolium in Ladakh region

Verma A. K. , Goyal Y. and Dev K.

Air pollution mitigation through yajna: Vedic and modern views

Kumar Devender

Status of migration in Uttarakhand: A case study of Rudraprayag District

Jangwan Ashutosh and Upreti Pallavi

Four pyrophytic pteridophytes in the Chir pine forest of Kalidhar forest range in Shiwaliks of North West Himalaya in Indian Himalayan region

Sharma Pallvi, Dutt Harish Chander and Singh Bikarma

Ichthyofaunal diversity of Tumaria reservoir, Kashipur, U.S. Nagar (Uttarakhand)

Kumar Pramod, Shyam Radhey and Smita Badola

Study on synergistic action of Coriandrum sativum seed extracts on antibiotics against multidrug resistant P. aeruginosa

Bezalwar Pratik M. and Charde Vijay N.

Cooking quality, nutritional composition and consumer acceptance of functional jackfruit pasta enriched with red amaranthus

Swathi, B.S., Lekshmi, G.P.R and Sajeev, M.S.

Impact assessment of contaminated River Yamuna water irrigation on soil and crop grown in peri-urban area of Delhi-NCR

Patel Neelam, Pal Sumit,  Malik Anushree, Singh D.K.

Proso millet (Panicum miliaceum L.)-a climate resilient crop for food and nutritional security: A Review

Bhat S. , Nandini C., Srinathareddy S., Jayarame G. and Prabhakar

Identification of potential sites for water harvesting structures in Gadela watershed using remote sensing and GIS

Ch Radha Srivalli and Singh Manjeet

The prevalence of gastrointestinal parasites in Panthera pardus of Katepurna wildlife sanctuary, Akola India

Shirbhate Milind and Shirbhate Amrita

Distellery spent wash (DSW) treatment methodogies and challenges with special reference to incineration: An overview

Bhardwaj S., Ruhela M., Bhutiani R., Ahamad F.

Weed management practices in direct seeded rice ecosystem in north western zone of Tamil Nadu

Sivakumar C.  , Krishnaveni A. and Pandiyan M.

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