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"An International Journal Devoted to Conservation of Environment"


ISSN: 2278-5124 (Online) :: ISSN: 0972-3099 (Print)

Conservation Journal

"An International Journal Devoted to Conservation of Environment"


ISSN: 2278-5124 (Online) :: ISSN: 0972-3099 (Print)

Conservation Journal

"An International Journal Devoted to Conservation of Environment"


ISSN: 2278-5124 (Online) :: ISSN: 0972-3099 (Print)

Conservation Journal

"An International Journal Devoted to Conservation of Environment"


ISSN: 2278-5124 (Online) :: ISSN: 0972-3099 (Print)

Conservation Journal

"An International Journal Devoted to Conservation of Environment"


ISSN: 2278-5124 (Online) :: ISSN: 0972-3099 (Print)

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Bioactivity of Alcaligenes spp. isolated from cow dung against certain human pathogens

Gupta Kartikey Kumar , Rana Deepanshu

Department of Botany and Microbiology, Gurukula Kangri University, Haridwar-249404, India.


Seven bacterial strains were isolated from cow dung, morphological and biochemical investigations identified, KD109 and KD110 as Alcaligenes fecalis and Alcaligenes Latus. These two isolates were screened for their antagonistic activity against 14 test organisms using cross-streak method. The preliminary screening revealed that isolate KD109 inhibit Vibrio cholerae (MTCC 3904), Salmonella typhi (MTCC 3216), Escherichia coli (SGPGI), Staphylococcus aureus (MTCC 7443), Bacillus subtilis (MTCC 441) and Bacillus cereus (MTCC 6728), while isolate KD110 inhibit Salmonella typhi (MTCC 3216), Escherichia coli and Bacillus cereus (MTCC 6728). This study indicates that these Alcaligenes spp. may be up-hold to industrial level for production of antimicrobial agent, which should be further analyzed for its possibility to be used as therapeutic agent.

Alcaligenes spp., Cow dung, Cross-streak method, Antimicrobial activity, Human Pathogens

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Kumar, G. K., & Deepanshu, R. (2018). Bioactivity of Alcaligenes spp. isolated from cow dung against certain human pathogens. Environment Conservation Journal19(1&2), 59-64.


Received: 20.10.2017

Revised: 28.12.2017

Accepted: 14.03.2018

First Online: 20.06. 2018



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