Volume: 08 (Issue 3)

Reduction of chromium (VI) by the application of a strong reducing reagent

Jatin Srivastava, Harish Chandra, Ajay Singh, Nishant Rai and Sachin Chauhan

Crotalaria sericea – A miraculous ethnomedicinal plant for snake bite in north western tarai forest of U.P. – A new report

Babli Singh and T.P. Mall

Air pollution tolerance index of few plant species affected by auto exhaust pollution around Haridwar

Abhishek Swami and Deepika Chauhan

Folicolous Fungi of Medicinal Plants in North Western Tarai region of Uttar Pradesh

D.P. Singh and T.P. Mall

Effect of leaf leachates of potato plants on germination of Phytophthora infestans sporangia and zoospores

Navneet and Deepika

Water quality of River Ganga in respect of physico-chemical characteristics at Shyampur, District Haridwar

Unnati Vishnoi, Jagjeet Kaur and S.K. Pathak

Sanaffar-A wonderful ethnomedicine from north western tarai forest of Uttar Pradesh – A new report

Babli Singh and T.P. Mall

Antibacterial activity of Nirgundi (Vitex negundo Linn.)

Sanjay, Navneet and M. M. Tiwari

Dyeing of wool and cotton fibres with fruit rind of Juglans regia as natural dyes, and standardization of ancient dyeing procedure

J. S. Jangwan, Maneesha Dobhal and S.C. Sati

Aquatic birds Diversity at Yashwant Nagar Talaab, Mhow (M.P.)

Gopal Sahay Saxena, M.M. Prakash and B. Arora

Limnological studies of Gudavi Wetlands, Sorab, Shimoga Karanataka

Dayananda, G.Y., A. Naveed, K.L., Naik and B.B., Hosetti

Isolation and Structure determination of new anthraquinone from the flowers of Tagetes erecta

J.S. Jangwan, M. Dobhal and S.C. Sati

Optimization of dyeing processes by compounds isolated from bark of Myrica esculenta and their spectroscopy identification

J.S. Jangwan, Satish Chandra Sati and Maneesha Dobhal

Conservation Practices and Utilization strategies of Medicinal Plants in Bhandare districtrict of Vidarbha Region M.S. India

D.D. Ramteke, S.B. Zade and C.J. Khune

Water Quality Assessment of a Polluted Urban Lake with respect to Zooplankton

Suresh B. Zade & Shashikant R. Sitre

Investigation of Ethnomedicinal properties of Mutela Occidentales used by trible peoples of Bhandara District Vidarbha region, Maharshtra, India

D.D. Ramteke, S.B. Zade and C.J. Khune

Rational design of non-convective zone of salt gradient solar pond considering turbidity and biological growth in water

A.K. Saxena, S. Sugandhi, M. Husain

A preliminary study of zoopalankton diversity of Ramala lake District Chandrapur, Maharashtra

Rajlaxmi R. Kulkarni, Suresh Zade, S.B. Patharde

Impact of improper disposal of solid waste on ground water quality– A case study

S.C. Gupta and Seema Sambyal

Production of Stoving paints and their testing

Unnati Vishnoi

Studies pertaining to environmental degradation caused by Fagla Landslide, Ramban area, Jammu and Kashmir State

Amita Fotedar, R.K.Verma, B.K.Fotedar and Veerji Tikoo

Studies on helminth parasites of fresh water fishes in Nathsagar reservoir, Paithan, Aurangabad district

Nitin Podwal, B.V. Jadhav and D.B. Bhure

Antibacterial activity of Abutilon indicum Linn.

Amit Kumar, Navneet, Sanjay and Prabhat

A study of biotic and abiotic factors of Song River at Dehradun, Uttarakhand

D.R. Khanna, Vikas Singh, R. Bhutiani, Kumar Satish Chandra, Gagan Matta and Dheeraj Kumar

Study of physico-chemical parameter for a reservoir at Khandwa District (M.P.)

Vivek Kesre, L. K. Mudgal, D.R. Khanna, Gagan Matta and Dheeraj Kumar

Seasonal variation in physico-chemical and biological properties of river Panar (Bihar)

B.N. Pandey, O. P.Ambasta and A.K. Jha, Shambhu, K.

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