Volume: 10 (Issue 1 & 2)

Stress induced alterations in the outer membrane of Escherichia coli K-12 strain

Bindu Arora

Zooplankton diversity in relation to certain physico-chemical parameters of swamp of Kishanganj District, Bihar

B.N. Pandey, O.P. Ambasta, A.K.Thakur and Sanjay Kumar

Dietary effect of water soluble gummy fiber and water insoluble neutral detergent fiber (NDF) isolated from Syzygium cumini seeds on blood glucose, glucose tolerance, and some intestinal enzymes in normal and diabetic male albino rats

Madhuri Agnihotri1 and Aqueel Khan

Occurrence of small free-living amoebae from natural water resources

Tabrez Ahmad, Newton Paul and A.K. Sharma

Some additional records of foliicolous fungi from North Central Tarai Forests of U.P.

D.P. Singh and T.P. Mall

Effect of Bio-Pesticide (Agroneem) on the Biochemistry of Kidney of Clarias batrachus

S. Suryavansi, S. Gaherwal and M.M. Prakash

Environmental ethics: An essence for environmental protection

B.L. Chavan

Effect of herbicide (sodium penta chloro phanate) on pollen germination and tube length of stored pollen of Apocynaceae: Further evidence of a criticism of Banerji and Gangulee (1937), Brewbaker and Kwack (1963), Sudhakaran (1967- Ph.D.Thesis), Dharurkar (1971- Ph.D. Thesis), Nair, Nambudiri and Thomas (1973), Berg (1973), Brandt (1974), Vick and Bevan (1976), Rasmussan (1977), Navara, Horvath and Kaleta (1978), Mhatre (1980- Ph.D. Thesis), Mhatre, Chaphekar, Ramani Rao, Patil and Haldar (1980), Shetye (1982- Ph.D. Thesis) and Giridhar (1984- Ph.D. Thesis)– A critical review

S.A. Salgare

Effect Of Eclipta alba on loss of Fecundity and Phagodeterrancy Of Callosobruchus maculatus (FAB.)

R.K. Diwan and R.C. Saxena

Water quality status of Dharampuri ward lake, Aheri, Distt. Gadchiroli (M.S.)

L.H. Rohankar, N.R. Dahegaonkar, P.M. Telkhade, P.J. Khinchi, A.N. Lonkar and S.B. Zade

Physico-chemical status of soil between Lowang to Gatti, Sewa catchment, Kathua District, J&K State

Amita Fotedar and Anil Kumar Raina

Phytodiversity of Katarniaghat Wildlife Sanctuary

Ramesh Pandey, T.P. Mall and Rahul K. Singh

Occurrence of zooplankton in a perennial freshwater reservoir of Wadgaon Dam during monsoon season at Nagpur District

Suresh B. Zade, Shashikant R. Sitre and Rajendra V. Tijare

Monitoring of heavy metal (zinc sulphate) Toxicity by using pollen as Indicators – Pollen of Vigna unguiculata: Further Evidence of a Criticism of Banerji and Gangulee (1937), Dharurkar (1971 – Ph.D. Thesis), Nair, Nambudiri and Thomas (1973), Berg (1973), Brandt (1974), Vick and Bevan (1976), Rasmussan (1977), Navara, Horvath and Kaleta (1978), Mhatre (1980 – Ph.D. Thesis), Mhatre, Chaphekar, Ramani Rao, Patil, Haldar (1980), Shetye (1982 – Ph.D. Thesis) and Giridhar (1984 – Ph.D. Thesis) – A Critical Review

S.A. Salgare and Suwarna Gawade

A survey of plants used in Homoeopathic pharmacy from Sirwel hills of Madhya Pradesh,India

S.K. Mahajan, Tripti Sapru, C.L. Dulkar and Pooja Mahajan

Alterations in the chemical characteristics of Wunna river in Wardha district of Maharashtra due to effluents of textile industry

 S.S. Gandhewar, K. Vasudevan and  S.B. Zade

Antifungal activity of Lantana camara L. and Sygzium aromaticum L. against Candida albicans

Aditi Grover, B.S.Bhandari, Nishant Rai, Harish Chandra

Bioevaluation of Antibacterial Potential of Sarpgandha (Rauwolfia serpentina)

Vishal Upadhyay, Deepika,and P. Kaushik

Impact of fabric dyeing effluents on the physical parameters of Wunna river in Wardha district of Maharashtra

S.S. Gandhewar., K. Vasudevan and S.B. Zade

Antibacterial activity of Vitex negundo leaf extracts

Deepika, Padma Singh and Vishal Upadhyay

Abiotic factors of Yashwant Nagar talab, Mhow (M.P.)

Gopal Saxena and M.M. Prakash

Fish and fisheries of Virla Reservoir of west Nimar, District M.P., India

S.K. Pathak and K. Mudgal

Snowtrout Fishery in Garhwal Himalaya: Causes of Depletion and Strategy for Propagation

N.K. Agarwal and Harpal Singh

Nyctanthes arbor–tristis Linn. (Harsinghar): A potential medicine

Prabhat, Navneet, Sanjeev and Pramod

Bacteriological characteristics of raw water of the river Tawi near Sitlee water treatment plant , Jammu

Meenakshi Khajuria and S.P.S. Dutta

Spiders fauna of G.V.I.S.H campus , Amravati (M.S.)

Ujjawala S. Deshmukh

Water quality of natural springs in Garwal Himalayas

Avnish Chauhan, Namita Tewari and Gagan Matta

Studies on antibacterial activities of extracts from Tinospora cardiofolia (Giloy) against Staphylococcus aureus

Deepika, Padma Singh and Vishal Upadhayay

Water quality analysis of River panv dhoi in reference to its physico-chemical parameters and heavy metals

D.R. Khanna, J.Ashraf, Beena Chauhan, R. Bhutiani, Gagan Matta and V. Singh

Riffels inhabiting benthic micro-invertebrates communities in a spring-fed tributary of River Alaknanda (Garhwal Himalaya)

Manju Prakash Gusain, Bhaskar nand Semalty, Jitendra Singh Rana, Anupam Negi, Lakhpat Singh and O.P. Gusain

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