Volume: 20 (Special Edition)

Special Edition on Ayurveda, Yoga & Meditation : Changing Lifestyle

In the world of yoga Dr. Ishwar Bhardwaj is a well-known personality. He is a professor in the department of Yogic Science and Dean in the Faculty of Medical Science and Health, Gurukula Kangri Vishwavidyalaya (GKVV), Haridwar. He is a founder of Yoga department in GKVV and has more than 32 years of teaching experience in Yoga. He has introduced graduation, post-graduation and Ph.D. in Yoga for the first time in India and Abroad. He has earned the degree of a Ph.D. on ‘Sanyasyoga’ and D.Lit. on ‘Manav Chetna’.

He has more than 20 years of research experience as Ph.D. supervisor in the field of Yogic Science. There have been 26 Ph.D. degrees awarded under his guidance. He has organized several National and International conferences, seminars and workshops of dealing with topics in the field of Yoga. Dr. Bhardwaj has published four books and more than 100 articles. He has designed the curriculum of various universities for yoga education. He is a member of the committee constituted by ministry of MHRD, Govt. of India for the promotion and teaching of Yoga in Central Universities of India. He also is a member of committee constituted by UGC for preparing syllabus for NET in Yogic Science.

He has awarded by Hon’ble Shri Harish Rawat, former Chief Minister of Uttarakhand and Shripad Yeso Nayak, Minister of AYUSH, for his extra ordinary work and contribution in the field of Yoga teaching and research. Also he has honoured with Yoga Shiromani Samman, Yoga Doot Samman, Life Time Achievement Award, Maharshi Patanjali Rastriya Gaurav Samman 2008, Vishista Nagrik Samman for his great contribution in Yoga Science.

Dr. Udham Singh is an Assistant professor in the department of Yogic Science, Gurukula Kangri Vishwavidyalaya, Haridwar. He has more than nine years of teaching experience in the field of Yogic Science and research. He has earned the degree of a Ph.D. in Human Consciousness & Yogic Science from Gurukula Kangri Vishwavidyalaya, Haridwar, the degree of M.Phil. in Yogic Science from Barkatullah University Bhopal (M.P.) and the degree of M.A in Human Consciousness & Yogic Science from Dev Sanskriti Vishwavidyalaya, Haridwar (U.K).

He also served as a Yoga teacher and soft skill trainer in the Officer training college, Central Bank of India and Staff Training Centre, Union Bank of India, Bhopal (M.P). He has been acted as Organizing Secretary & Joint Organizing Secretary in the several National and International conferences, seminars and workshops in the department of Yogic Science, GKVV, Haridwar.He has published several research papers and articles and has conducted special lectures, on Yoga and Soft Skills in prestigious Multinational Companies like C&S Electrical, Mahindra and Mahindra, Training institutes, NGO’s, Societies etc. He has motivated many people in a short amount of time, by conducting motivating lectures. He has delivered various lectures at prestigious universities lik Himachal Pradesh University, Shimla, NIT Srinagar, HNB, Garhwal Central University, Srinagar, Indira Gandhi Central Tribal University, Amarkantak MP, MDNIY, New Delhi.

Dr Uttam Kumar Sharma is working as a professor and head of the department of Panchakarma in gurukul campus of Uttarakhand Auyrveda University, Haridwar. He is M.D. and Ph.D. in Ayurveda  Medicine from National Institute of Ayurveda, Jaipur. Dr Sharma is well recognized as an eminent scholar and physician in Ayurveda society. He has guided 24 M.D.thesis works, published 46 research papers and authored 8 books. Dr  Sharma has contributed as a resource person in more than 56 national and international conferences. He is honoured and awarded by many societies and institutions for his valuable contribution in society. Dr Sharma visited Sri lanka, Nepal, Bhutan, Thailand, Indonesia , Malysia and many countries as a invited speaker in conferences and workshops.

Dr. Gyanendra D. Shukla is working as an Associate Professor, Department of Panchakarma, Uttarkhand Ayurved University, Gurukul campus, Haridwar, India. His area of interest are Pharmacokinetics & Pharmacodynamics studies of various Panchakarma procedures, Safety & Efficacy Profile of Ayurvedic procedure & formulations. Dr. Shukla has about seven years of teaching and five years of research experience, he has supervised 09 post graduate M.D. thesis work. He is also working as PI in clinical trials in collaboration with AIIMS Rishikesh & Patanjali Research center, Haridwar. Dr. Shukla has got his Post graduate research work patented by IPGT & RA, Jamnagar. He has published about 38 research papers and 02 books. Dr. Shukla has participated and presented his findings in various National and International Seminars.

Table of Contents

Role of hepatoprotective drugs in the management of skin disorders with special reference to Kitibha (psoriasis): A case study

Sharma Sudhir Kumar, Anshul, Sharma Rishu and Shukla Gyanendra Datta

The comparative and clinical study on Khandamalki and Patoladi kwatha in Amlapitta W.S.R to“Amlapittai Pryoktavya Kapha pittaha rovidhi”

Kumar Vipin, Khatri Sapana and Meena Kedar Lal

Ayurveda as an adjuvent therapy in cancer management

Afzal Nishat , Rani Mukesh, Sharma Sudhir Kumar, Shukla Gyanendra Datta

Garbhashayarbuda vis -a- vis uterine leiomyomas – A critical review

Jhunjhunwala Amita  and Gupta Sunil Kumar

Role of virechana karma in metabolic syndrome- Clinical trial

Sharma Priyanka , Srivastava Alok, Tiwari Shashi Kant and Shukla Gyanendra Datta

Concept of trayopstambha in preventing autoimmune disorders

Shah Neha and Jhunjhunwala Amita

An ayurvedic prevention and management of hypertension

Rani Mukesh , Afzal Nishat, Sharma S. Kumar and Shukla G. Datta

Management of urticaria with Virechana: A case study

Poonam, Sharma Rishu, Gupta Sanjay, Singh Deshraj and Shukla Gyanendra Datta

Anatomico physiological aspects of siravedha W.S.R to neuromuscular disorders

Panda Ipsita , Dev Sangeeata, Singh Shalini and Shukla Shweta G.

Role of jyotishamati taila abhyanga in the management of the shvitra W.S.R vitiligo: A clinical study

Kutiyal Priya , Gupta Sanjay, Sharma Parul and Sharma Lalita 

Applied aspect of shadvidh upakrama in life style disorders

Arya Neha, Bhatkoti Mayank, Lokinder

Efficacy of virechana karma in the management in the acne vulgaris: A clinical study

Sharma Lalita, Srivastava Alok and Shukla Gyanendra Datta

Life style disorders in ophthalmology and their management

Singh Shalini Panda Ipsita, Prajapati Abhay , Pandey A.K. and Kumar Vipin

Effect of agnikarma on chronic plantar fasciitis- A case report

Singh, Manorma , Sharma, Sanjeev, Sharma, Suman, Sharma, Rahul

Role of patoladi kwath in vatarakta: A conceptual study

Tanushree, Abhilasha, Kumar Vipin and Verma Sheetal

The relevance of yoga in developing holistic health and holistic community

Tiwari Indu and Negi C. Singh

Yogic intervention (Abhyas & Vairagya) for the modern lifestyle disorders: A descriptive study

Vaid Manisha and Pal Ajay

Study of mindfulness and depression in old age people

Verma Udai Prakash and Kumar Arun

Effect of comprehensive yogic practices on body mass index of type -II diabetese mellitus patients in urban adults

Kumar Pawan, Bhardwaj Ishwar

Spiritual consciousness: A potent means of environmental protection

Betal Chintaharan

Effect of yogic practices on glycated haemoglobin (Hba1c) level of type II diabetese mellitus in urban adults

Kumar Pawan, Bhardwaj Ishwar

Management of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) through yoga


Diseases caused by environmental pollution and their remedies through Satkarma-S

Pathak Satayprakesh

गोरक्षपद्धति में धारणा विवेचन

कुमार विकास and सिंह ऊधम

प्रदूषित वातावरण में चयनित योगाभ्यासों का मानव शरीर पर सकारात्मक प्रभाव

कुमार देवेंद्र एवं बोरा मंजू

यौगिक ग्रन्थों में प्राणतत्वः एक विवेचन

Vikas and Suman

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